Here's a list of tips provided by @Dennis van der Pool on slack to effectively run (and check) staking with vericoind:

Get info: vericoind getinfo
Monitor debug log: tail -f ~/.vericoin/debug.log
Start Staking: vericoind walletpassphrase <putwalletpassprasehere> 9999999 true
Stop vericoind: vericoind stop
Check staking: grep 'Coinstake' .vericoin/debug.log
Get my addresses: vericoind getaddressesbyaccount <username>
Show debug log: $EDITOR ~/.vericoin/debug.log
Start vericoind demon: vericoind -daemon -staking -conf=~/.vericoin/vericoin.conf -wallet=wallet.dat -walletpassphrase=<walletpassphrase>
Monitor disk space: watch -n 60 df -h /