Mining verium with pi3

It is exciting to be a part of the Verium community and i feel a good vibe about making a move into Crypto currency and what better place to start than here.

For some time now i have been reading about crypto currency. I must admit it does seem like a good future investment, but i am reffering here to mining. I do not have money to buy crypto, but given my circumstances i feel i could easily mine without having to invest largely.

So i am looking for help with mining. I recently aquired a raspberry pi3 b+ to toy around with the python IDLE and some other robotics and automatizations. So i have one available.

Any advice on getting started would be great.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Xandru,
try to wattch this video:
You should download cpuminer and register to the site
Anyway in the video they explain how to do it.