Wallet out of date


I'm pretty fresh to Vericoin. Bougth some coins, Installed wallet version 1.7.2 on Mac OS X and transferred the coins to my wallet. The transaction is shown correctly on online blockchain browser.
My Vericoin Wallet application is running since a few days, which is making me very uncomfortable, as it's making my laptop super hot - it consumes a lot of resources. What's surprising, it's in "Synchronizing with Network" status since a few days, with VERY SLOW progress - ca. 10% per day.
What's more, it's showing no transactions, zero balance and (out of date) is displayed.
I have tried rescanning wallet for transactions, but this does not help in any way.
How can I get access to my coins? I was expecting Vericoin to be fast technology, but apparently it doesn't work at all with current wallet. Not sure if I have to wait until "Synchronizing with network" is complete? If so, that's very... bad, that it is not clearly mentioned on the webpage. People should be aware... Or maybe I am doing something wrong?

I have exactly the same problem. There must be a way to download the blockchain in a file?

Came home Verium wallet 1.3.2 Windows has error check log but when you check log no problem . Won't let you log in we need help!

Verium banlist.dat error help

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