Is Vericoin dead?

Hey all,

long time ago i invest in VRC and see that everything is working good. Now long time there is no response. Is VRC dead like some other currency´s? Let me hear something!


no its not just check twitter 😉

please see cryptopia exchange i loss ............. there i have vrc but not transfer or any working

@flash1976 i also facing same problem
on crptopiya exchange

no reply from VRC

please take a look on cryptopiya exchange please solve the matter there is pause market ........ i want to transfer my coins from cryptopia please

That´s what i wrote some time ago... I have the feeling it is over with VRC/VRM. phiten told me to check Twitter... Yes done but for what? Latest news is from Apr. 19. So another month is gone with no news from VRC/VRM. The value falls asleep! And BigB doesn´t gent answer here. So... Whats next? Did you need more investment? 😕

@BigB you need to write Cryptopia directly. We offered our help to cryptopia but they haven't answered us.

My opinion now is that this coin is realy dead now. You have a lot of unanswered Threads in Bitcoin-Talk ( and no news on Twitter! At the moment no one should invest in to this Coin.

So what´s up Vericoin-Team? Are you still there and working on it?

Give us a sign on each platform. 10x

Project is really active. Check slack channel

@sitodown: Can´t agree here! The Slack-Channel doesn´t help for external representation or investments. My view is that this project is nearly dead and no one should invest more for the moment. After more presentation from Development or on Twitter / Reddit (see only very old statments!) it would be more easy to find people who are interesstet at this coin. Sorry guy´s but at the moment it´s the wrong way for your great Coins.


@Flash1976 vericoin is still alive but I am not sure what is going on with this forum. best way to stay updates is the slack channel

Another Month is gone... Nothing! As you can see on Reddit Verium is also dead... I think it´s better now to remove Cash here before all is lost. Think the Dev´s make big mistake here. More information is better!

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