verium utility

If you're considering verium as a stake for vericoin why not instead use it to lower the mining difficulty? So you have verium in your wallet and it increases your profit mining.

a problem i see in verium and vericoin is so far it looks like a gimmick. you don't have a currency OR a store of value asset. you have two cryptos that are the same. one is a lot less in supply. both are volatile. the competition to a two coin project like this today is the stable coin. or a stable coin with a collateral crypto asset. the stable coin can be used as a currency AND store of value; the crypto asset can be used for speculation. who would want to use a volatile crypto for commerce or storing wealth? answer is: nobody. if you want vericoin to be the currency, what's it a currency for? you have a hundred dollars worth of it that could be worth $75 a week later. that's not money.

BTC is now itself becoming like a dual coin. Because its on lightening for commerce. While the BTC asset is tied to its chain. Or i could hold ETH or any crypto, and spend dollars, or dai, etc. I think you have to define yourself against these developments.

and i notice you make a point of the security with two chains. But what crypto project in the top 400 has had a security problem outside of exchange hacks and user error? security is what all good blockchains provide. its not a selling point like it once was. the average person doesn't care and will never understand. "Currently digital currencies face the impractical task of trying to be both a quick and efficient currency while also maintaining integrity as a secure store of value." all the top cryptos will solve their scaling problems. and you have yet to show that the vericonomy does it better. But when everyone can scale, it won't be as impressive to buyers.

When i use a credit card i don't care how the network functions. I don't even want to know. i have other shit to do. when you're marketing you might consider this. who are you marketing to? I'm average consumer girl or guy, what am i looking for? i'm a business, what are my needs?

you should also finish your degree so you have your attention on this one thing. rather than dividing your attention. one of the two things will suffer.