Livecoin Exchange for VRC and VRM

Currently one the best (and almost only) to trade VRM is Livecoin. Good reputation, fast withdrawal and low fees.

Is this Coin also Stopped????

No :), you can follow the progress & co in the community update that we post every week on the website

We are reorganizing all our communication channel and the forum will be part of that 🙂

@BigB This coin stopped about two years ago. Suddenly some posts have shown up this past week to possibly push this dead coin up to unload if possible. The idea behind this coin was unique back in the day but for whatever reason never seemed to move from someones hobby to legitimate crypto.

@Jeff post have been showing up since more than a few weeks.
We released a new version of Verium 2 month ago.
Few weeks ago a VIP1 Protocol change have been enabled on Verium putting down the fee to 0.01VRM/kb
We are currently working on a new version of Vericoin Wallet.

You can find all the weekly update on
And also our VeriLive on youtube:


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