Ideas for VeriConomy

Share your ideas and comment: What could be done for the development of the VeriConomy?

I need a quick and easy way to convert Vericoin or Verium into a fiat currency.

Alipay is quite easy to fill in my country, I don't know about the rest of the world. It is pretty quick to transfer from person to person, and you can withdraw to a bank account. Would it be possible, feasible and or conducive to the blockchain/crypto ethos, to set a business that can use fiat on the Alipay network to buy Vericoin, use the vericoin network to do transactions and then transfer back to a fiat through the Alipay app

@joeu remember Chinese gov banned bitcoin and all other digital currency in the country.

But Neo is based in China and some of the biggest miners are Chinese

@joeu It will be banned for certain UNLESS it's controlled by the Chinese gov (in a manner that may surprise you maybe)
Chinese gov don't allow anything out of their control exists in the country, currency, food, news, company, animals, humans, how many children you can has, a longgggggggggg list to go here.

One of the bitcoin's disaster is that bitmain is a Chinese company, in my personal opinions.
There WILL be some backdoor that controlled by the Chinese gov in the mining machine created by bitmain for sure.
If not, the boss of bitmain will disappear mysteriously like many wealthy man in the country already do.

I agree there has to be some kind of deal between Beijing and bitmain. Anything that is banned can always be accepted if the Cadres get a cut.

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