I have downloaded and am running the Vericoin wallet.

Can someone please tell me how to load the blockchain. At the moment I am at less than 30% after 4 days!


I have the same problem. It gets stuck after a few procent. Reloading blockchain isn't working either. blkindex.dat error.


this is exactly the reason why after 3 years this coin is worthless.... same problem here .... days trying to load blockchain slowest coin ever

Vericoin 1.7.2 faster sync. and blk error issue

backup your Wallet/save privatkey

-Download Bootstrap manuel :
-clear the files in Windows user%appdata%roaming/vericoin/blk001,blk002, txtlvdb folder
on Linux .vericoin
-extract the Bootstrap in different directory
-copy blk001,blk002,txtlvdb in user%appdata%roaming/vericoin
then start vericoin and wait 5min for reading new blk.
It will be fixed in next version 2021

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