Pool mining: how to grow

I'd like to start this topic as I believe it could help collecting info useful for those managing a mining pool, helping also miners to understand the advantages of being part of a pool.

Don't want to promote our pool here (FYI pool.factorydefault.eu) but decided to open this topic as after a few weeks of operations and a good handful of VRM mined, just a few miners joined the pool and none is mining regularly.

The pool is well configured and a little promotion has been made using essentially Twitter. The next goal for us is to make our community grow, and we'd like to understand what we should do to make our pool appealing for miners.

Mining into a pool is convenient for miners, as obviously combined forces deliver more blocks per time frame and more shares for everyone. Also joining an young pool is good for fees and growth perspective.

The question for the community is simple, what do you consider valuable to choose a pool?

what you've got here is a nice old chicken-and-egg problem...

apart from stability/availability which is an obvious selling point, most users tend to favor reward frequency: overall rewards are more or less the same whether you mine in a pool or solo, so if payouts don't come often enough, the incentive to use a pool is gone.

I guess finding some way to attract a few big-rig miners (or provide the hashpower yourself if you can) to bootstrap a decent hashrate is a must if you want to attract more "greed-driven" users and grow further.

I would say that a pool operating in an area that currently has no other pools would be a way to grow. There is one pool in asia, but it is closed due to high membership. So of you could migrate your pool to an Asian server, say Hong Kong, it might drive up membership!

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