Verium 1.3.2 Random Shut-Down


I was running 1.2 on a handful of PCs for quite some time, with little to no troubles... Once I updated these PCs to 1.3.2, I find that most PC won't continue for a couple days without crashing or closing the app without any notification. Is anyone else having this problem?

I do like the updated interface, but this version does not seem as stable as I would like/expect.



We got a few feedback from Windows User having that issue, specially when they are mining within the wallet. We currently have a fix being test by a few community member. If you want to be part of it, feel free to PM me or contact me on slack / discord / telegram


Still a big problem. Version 1.2 ran for months on my handful of PCs without any issues. 1.3.2 won't run for 24 hours without crashing or shutting down. The "fixed" version was better, but I'm still having to check every PC daily... When I restart the process, it shows that it is days or weeks behind.

I don‘t know what you mean. Your wallet is sync, next day you restart the pc then the wallet need times ( how many) to sync ? Why you close and restart the wallet? You mine with the wallet?

The Wallet Syncs up and begins to mine... Less than 24hrs later, the app crashes or shows an error and needs to be shut down. Re-launch the wallet, and it show days or weeks behind in the sync. Today I went to check on all the PCs and not a single one had the wallet running. This never happened with version 1.2

Have you Test with lower threads than your pc have? Which OS? What is the error from wallet?

How many hash have you with your PC?

Yes. Reduced threads doesn't matter, in some cases I reduce the threads so that I can remote into the PC before it times out (this happens on some when running all available).

Windows 7 and Windows 10... doesn't matter.

Most time the app just disappears completely, other times I see: Microsoft Visual C++ Library -> This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information

Hash ranges from 548 H and 3 threads (I know that's hardly worth it, but I use these PCs for other testing when not mining, and they have to remain on) to 1790 h and 11 threads...

Hmm, sry I don‘t have any Idea. I mine on Linux with sbc‘s ( Test solomining with different sbc‘s on cli-wallet(wallet on one sbc)) But I know one think, when you mine solo (on wallet) you musst run 24/7 . And when you start stop for changing threads. Then is it really more profitable on Pool mining.

@FlyingV i sent you a beta version a month ago, do you still have the same issue with that version .

Anything in the %appdata%/roaming/verium/debug.log when the app crash ?

I installed the beta on one of my PCs and it seemed to run without issue for at least a week or more... Then I had a forced Windows update on a few PC and now I don't recall which PC had that version. I ran version 1.2 on all these PCs for months without any issues, but now I can't get 1.3.2 to run for 24 hrs on any of them. The application will usually just disappear or I get the crash message and I have to shut down the app (no other choices).

I would have installed the beta on a couple more to test, but I noticed Windows Defender or Anti-Virus software did everything to stop me from installing...

Are there any plans for an update, or am I the only one having issues with the new version?

The New beta now does the same shut down in less than 24 hrs.

All my VRM coins were in Livecoin (which was hacked and I don't expect it to come back), so I'm throwing in the towel on this...

Mderasse, thanks for being responsive and watching the forums.

Good Luck to you and the VRM team!

At the Moment is best one to mine verium on pool.

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