Verium does not work on Mac OS 10.14.6.

It opens but then appears to go into a never-ending loop as it attempts to connect. I am unable to type my password. Anyone any idea what to do about this? Any idea how to contact the developers? I hope I can get some useful advice otherwise it looks like I'll forfeit nearly three years of mining.


Are you using the new Verium Vault 1.3.2 ?

We had few report on issue with the new wallet on MacOs Mojave and we are working on it

Will keep you in touch ASAP

Aside if that, Developer can be contacted thought multiple channel such as :
Telegram: &



We currently have a workaround for that issue. From our test & debug, issue only happen on the initial download of the blockchain.
If you apply the bootstrap manually, you should be fine.

To do so :

Of course we will continue to work on a fix 🙂


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