VRM Mining Dead?

Hello Forum.

Seems like VRM can not be traded at any exchanges anymore....

I read in Community Update #51-2020 the team wants to focus on 1 coin and 1 miner....

Is the VRM coin dead ?


No it is not dead. Verium wallet was released 1.3.2 in November(based in bitcoincore 0.19) . Dev team worked yet on new vericoin wallet. In the work Progress for vericoin wallet, dev team change the workflow. stopt vericoin wallet and create veribase code if the code ready (based on Bitcoin core 0.21) the work for wallet vericoin/verium will restart. Veribase is new base code for verium-/ vericoinwallet. That will help faster release newer wallets for verium/vericoin.

At the Moment the verium Trade with Livecoin hack it stopt. It give exchange where you can trade verium, but it is small and not very active https://altmarkets.io/
Community worked for new exchanges to trade verium.

All my mining from the last couple years was in Livecoin, as that was the only exchange I could find that was accepting VRM... Livecoin was hacked (possibly an inside job) and so it would seem all my coins (and everyone's) are gone... I just discovered this today, as there was no email notification that something happened over the holidays.

At this point I'm reluctant to invest the time and energy into this... feeling deflated.

Here you can see what devs make and planed https://trello.com/b/Fna9ydfw/vericonomy

Look for Komodo Dex Exchange

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