Verium Markets

Hi, Verium listing on the market is planned?
LiveCoin market seems to be closed..

Really is planned . But no date when is come. Community/dev look for new exchanges. When we have new one, we posted on all our channels.

Ok, thanks, that is good news.
I like to trade with VRM and hope I hope I will have such an opportunity soon..


Dev look for Komodo DEX exchange

Here on this you see all what the dev planed, what there worked for verium and vericoin

Hi, have news on listing VRM on markets?

VRM is listed on Atomicdex v0.40beta i don't no if the mobile version up to date. But the Windows app is latest version.

Yes it is, but there are no price for VRM and i cannot trade. It is still 0$

Yes,no Price. The prices from atomicDex came from coingecko. But atomicDex is Not listet on coingecko, and no other Exchange Trade Vrm. So no Price. You can take your swap in every coin was atomicDex supported for the price what you think is ok.

But 1 think. AtomicDex is Not Trade able from USA,Canada and 5-10 different country’s. It is the problem with regulation from crypto in this country’s. We hope we can list an other exchanges, but it is it the moment the best one. Other small exchange us I don‘t no if you will trade on this one. It is not easy for community project To list there coin free on good exchanges(dex)

But everyone can help here.

Hi there, VRM is still not traded on exchange (AtomicDex). Can you please tell me if there are plans to enter other exchanges? Thx.

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