Mining with pool but nthing come on the wallet

I have install cpu miner
this soft run from more of 24h00 , but I saw nothing on my wallet. I show you 2 pics .
The wallet adress come from the the verium soft download on the website (verium 1.1 64 .....)
could you help me ?

alt text
alt text



hello how long do you have to have 1 VRM? with which H / s? which material do you use? thank you

Which pool are you using? Check the pool website for your current balance. The pool will only transfer your coins to your wallet once your balance reaches a certain threshold.

@hd4r hooooo you right

i have seen my balance 0.800/20 for payement.
Now I see somthing move, i try to mine verium with my old CPU 😉

@criptos I use this one, have look.

Y use a i5 4core 3.2 ==> the old one 😉

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