regarding the 0.2 vrm minimum transaction fee

I don't mean IF, I means $10000 (maybe even $1000) is the theoretical maximal value of 1 verium, because of the 0.2 vrm transaction fee.
And the theoretical maximum market cap don't match with verium's goal.
Simply put, if the value of verium go over 10000$ (or $1000 maybe), the user will stop using verium because of the high fee. I mean end user, not investor, not speculator.

Maybe not easy to understand. Take a example, I have 100K$ stored in verium coin (no matter what the price is)
I want to send it to somebody else, and the largest fee I can afford is 1000$ (1%),
the mininum fee is 0.2 vrm, If the vrm price > 5000$, then the fee >1000$, I will stop using verium.

By that time you will be able to transfer Verium for vericoin in the shared Gemini wallet, and vericoin has very low transaction cost. Verium is not made for transactions. It is a digital gold

But vericoin is supposed to used to buy a coffee, or computer, right ? not supposed to buy a house, right? 100K$ maybe too large to store in vericoin, because vericoin is supposed to be less secure than verium, I maybe not trust it to store 100K$ (It depends, if you're rich, then you don't care, but if not, you care it)
Gold is sure made for transaction, right?
Remember the reason the United States give up gold it's because there is not enough gold, right?

I don't know the detail of the verium/vericoin transfer, but if it's cheap, I can transfer verium->vericoin, then send to others, other transfer it back, I don't think the total fee required will be less than 0.2vrm, or else verium to verium transfer will make no sense.

If vericoin is supposed to used to buy a house, then verium is just for the rich guys, not for everyone, maybe that's my concern.
Rich guys don't care the 0.2 vrm, because they transfer many many veriums, the 0.2vrm is not large.
But for a poor guy, he cannot use verium because 0.2vrm is too large just for a ( possibly rare) transaction.

I think gemini wallet transfers will be like a shapeshift. Free!

indeed, one of the binary chain's purposes is to allow fee-less in-wallet swaps between VRM and VRC

The 0.2 VRM fee might need to be adjusted if the price is very high.

@mat It can't be adjusted at that time, or it will cause market disaster.

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